How to Start Your Day the Right Way

Do you ever find that you are snoozing your alarm before getting out of bed? Do you have to skip breakfast because you just don’t have the time? Do you then have to sit in 60 minutes of commuter traffic before you get to work to start your day? If the answer is YES, then you should continue reading…

I’ve read and heard about the top executives in the country and the most famous CEO’s and how they start their day. That they are more successful because they are prepared and set themselves up for a great day and I always used to read them and think ‘yeah right, if I had that much money i’d feel great too’ but actually, when you think about it… just for a second… it makes sense. What we do before work, set’s us up for the day.. If we are rushed, angry, or even worse HANGRY, then we are setting ourselves up for a monumental crappy day.

Over the past few weeks I’ve tried to incorporate a few new things into my morning routine and I’ve seen a big difference in my overall mood… (not everyday, but most days!)

  • If you’re going to set an alarm, don’t have it near your pillow. So, for example if you set an alarm on your phone – move it to the other side of the room. Make it so you have to get out of bed in the morning, just to turn that god damn annoying tune off. This will ensure you get out of bed; as soon as your alarm goes off and won’t tempt you to press the good old snooze button.
  • Don’t skip breakfast! When your mum used to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, boy oh boy was she right! After digesting all of the food in your sleep, your body needs energy! Your breakfast will kick start your metabolism and is the brain food you need to get through the morning… I’m not recommending a fry up, but maybe a granola and yoghurt combination.
  • Plan ahead! This may seem like an obvious one, but if it’s so obvious why do none of us actually do it?! This could include; getting your clothes out for the next day, prepping your lunch or snacks, make sure you have everything you need in your bag. Try to reduce the tasks that you would do in the morning by doing them the night before, allowing you to have a smooooth wake up before work.
  • If you’re already a slight morning person – I’d definitely recommend going for a walk in the morning. Ever since we adopted our doggo, Bentley – I’ve been going for a morning walk everyday before work. It allows me to completely de-stress and gives me some great alone thinking time. Most of the problems that I had the day before, I’ve created solutions too just in my morning walk!
  • Positive affirmation! And if you don’t know what that means then don’t panic, because I didn’t until just recently. If you BELIEVE/BREED positivity those negative thoughts will soon disappear. I’m going to have a good day, I’m going to make it into work today on time, that meeting is going to be a breeze!
  • Drink water. Just two glasses in the morning is all you need. Start your day right, and as you mean to go on. Stay hydrated.

Do you have a morning routine? Have you done any of the ones listed above?


2 thoughts on “How to Start Your Day the Right Way

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  1. First of all if that’s your room , it’s GORGEOUS. My morning routine is to wake up as soon as I hear my alarm or else I won’t lol. I first go splash cold water on my face to wake me up and I go pee lol.

    These are great tips! My main habit is not planning ahead, like having the outfit I’m going to wear already out so then in the morning I take my whole closet apart.


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