Graduate Job Pressure

You’re just about to finish university, you’re in the midst of your final exams and assignments and all of a sudden you’re attacked from all angles by the dreaded question; Have you got a job sorted yet? Some people may have managed to secure a job months before finishing, some will manage it straight after finishing, while others might take a little while longer. When the time starts to creep by and the pressure starts to hit here are some important things to remember in that moment:

1. Don’t compare yourself
Some people will manage to have arranged a job before finishing, some will get their ideal job straight away and it’s very easy to compare yourself. You have to remind yourself it’s okay if you haven’t got a job straight away, it’s okay if you’re the only one of your friends unsure what you’re going to do, everyone has their own timeline.

2. Your first job might not be your ‘dream’ job
While it’s okay to wait for your ‘dream job’, it’s also good to keep an open mind about your first job. You might end up in an area you hadn’t previously thought about, it might not be anywhere where you want to be but it’s okay to take it. A job is a job, it’s all a step along the path to where you want to be. Just because you take a job doesn’t mean that has to be your final destination.

3. Believe in Yourself
Maybe you’ve been applying for loads of places and never hearing back, maybe you’re hearing back but ultimately they decide to ‘go in another direction’. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to ‘fail’, but don’t give up.

4. It is Normal
It can be terrifying to realise you’re about to finish something that has taken up so much of your time for the past few years and you have nothing planned for the next step. Don’t panic. You are not the only person in the world in this position. Try to keep positive and remind yourself that there’s no rush, it’ll work out.

5. Use this time to try new things
When not applying for jobs you could use this time to do some volunteering, get some different experiences. Learn as much as you can, do as much as you can, have some interesting things to talk about in your next interview. Or, maybe you decide you need a break from the job hunting so you take a decent part-time job, save your money and do some travelling, meet people, this can sometimes turn into finding your dream job.


At the end of the day, let go of some of the pressure, take a breath and believe that it’s going to be okay. You’re job doesn’t define your self-worth, nobody’s opinion matters except your own. It’s all a journey. And most importantly…

Congratulations on your degree. Take the time to enjoy yourself and feel proud of the last few years.


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