My top four ways to reduce stress

I’ve been quiet lately and letting Eleanor take more than half of the workload in running our blog and to be honest with you; I’ve found it hard. Working full time, dealing with the normal and daily occurrences of life and then trying to find the time to really write the best content and be active on social media has been hard (I’m not going to talk about balancing a blog around your work, because I’ll save that for another time). Today I want to talk about my stress, and how I reduce it or better yet; cope with it.

I experience stress all of the time, like many people do but over the past couple of months I’ve really learnt a few ways that have helped me deal with my stress and have helped me relax at home. I’m sharing these tips and hope that they help you too. They might not. We are all unique and other strategies may help you better than mine.

Why am I stressed right now you ask? Well to tell you the truth, work has been out of control these past few months. It’s been crazy busy, we’re a man down in the team and I really don’t have the direction and security I once had – so I’m finding it hard to navigate through opening doors that I didn’t even realise were there before. I’m also dealing with a lot of personal issues right now in the fact that a trauma I thought that I had dealt with when I was young, turns out it still likes to appear and haunt me – so i’ve recognised that I now need to grieve and process my feelings properly before moving on. Not to mention, my poor little doggo who I rescued with my boyfriend a few months back is really ill and the vets just aren’t sure what’s wrong with him…. you get the jist. This is life. This is normal. These little build-ups and add-on’s that happen throughout the day, throughout the weeks and months – happen all the time.

P.S – I believe Stress to be completely different to that of my anxiety, the symptoms aren’t the same and my ways of dealing with them aren’t the same…

How I deal with stress or should I say it;

  • Write it down – before I started the blog with Eleanor, I never had a record of things or my own personal feelings. I never kept a diary. I never made a note on my phone. I never took the time to recognise what was stressing me out. I could just feel a black cloud over my head and the weight of the world on my shoulders. I am not lying when I say that after writing a blog like this one, I feel so much better for it. I even now sometimes take the time to sit down and open a word document and just type a list of things that are bugging me; and what I can do to either get rid of them or to make things better. For example; ok so my doggo is ill – can I do anything about that? No, but can I make him comfortable and make him as happy as can be whilst we wait for the results? Yes.
  • Music – never underestimate the power of music. Music can give me goosebumps, music can make me cry, music can make me boogie round the bedroom like I’m at a club (not that I would boogie in a club, because that does sound kinda old school). I have playlists, lots of them; playlists for driving, playlists for walking, playlists for showers and baths. I listen to sad songs when I need to relax or have a good cry. If I’m ever in a bad mood and just need to shake it off, I always turn to ‘Chris Brown – Forever’ – how can you not dance to this song???
  • Exercise – do you know how many chemicals are released into your body when you exercise?? A LOT. Get pumping and feel the goodness.
  • Most importantly; don’t be too hard on yourself – sometimes we can cause unnecessary stress by putting too much pressure on ourselves. I do it all the time. I want to be successful in my job so the thought of not knowing where I’m going right now kills me inside. I am so hard on myself and sometimes I just need to wake up and smell the coffee. I am doing okay. I will get there. It takes time. Without our own personal expectations and pressures, we probably wouldn’t get as stressed. It’s good to have goals, but sometimes we just need to sit back and relax.

Like I said before – these might not help you, everyone is unique but I hope you read these points and can relate to them or you may be able to try something new that you haven’t thought of before.

I feel so much better for writing this. So now I’m going to relax on the sofa with my little doggo…

Thank you for reading and thanks for all of your support.


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