Braces – Final Stage Step 2


Three weeks ago I got the majority of my braces removed, today I got the last 4 brackets off and my retainers!

Before the Appointment:

I actually had to return to the dentist a week after the first stage because something had gone wrong with my moulds for my retainers. It was a pain to make a trip to the dentist juts for sitting there for 5 minutes while they re-did my moulds but anything for retainers that fit. I was then told I had to wait an extra week for the retainers because of this so that was annoying as well.

The Appointment:

I walked in, sat down and there was no waiting around. He clipped off my final brackets, polished off the cement and then showed me my retainers. I have the clear retainers (sometimes known as Essix Retainers) which resemble a thin plastic gumshield. He put the retainers in to show me what it felt like and then removed them to let me try. They’re actually quite comfortable and easy to get in. They fit exactly to your teeth so it doesn’t feel tight or like it would rub and it doesn’t affect your speech too much, though I’m only wearing mine at night so I wont be doing much talking while wearing them. My dentist struggled to get them out himself but when he asked me to do it, I found the right spots to squeeze so that it popped out. With that, he gave me a little container so that I don’t lose them (it’d cost a fair amount to replace them) and that was it, my final braces appointment was over.

After the Appointment:

I went straight to the mirror to look at my new smile and I instantly loved it. It surprisingly looks so different even though it was only 4 brackets being removed. I took some photos and asked for the ones the dentist took to be emailed to myself and it is amazing to see how much has changed in just 4 months. I couldn’t wait to show all my friends and family.

My Final Review:

Being able to look back now I am incredibly happy. It was quick (fixed my bite and crowding in 4 months), it was painless, they weren’t very noticeable and I felt very comfortable the whole journey. The only negative would be the fact that it is one price no matter how long you have them for. So if I’d had them for the 9 months I’d have still paid the same as I did for the 4 months which meant it probably worked out a little steep for 4 months. Do I regret doing 6 month smile though? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

If you’re thinking of getting braces, research your options and look for what is best for you, book an appointment, and take that first step. No matter what your age, it’s a short period of your life for a lifetime of being happy with your smile.

Thank you for following my journey.


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