Wroclaw, Poland

When I was turning 21 I decided I wanted to go on city break with Jessica as a way to celebrate. We were on a budget so we were limited to where we could go, but we fancied trying somewhere different, where neither of us had been before.


Use ‘How I book my holidays – top tips’ to help you find the best flights to places you’d never considered before. We simply entered in what airport we wanted to fly from and then put everywhere as our destination so we could see all our options. There were many places that came up but ultimately we decided to go somewhere we’d never though of going to and picked Wroclaw, Poland. We flew Saturday and returned home on the Monday so it was a short trip but by choosing an early flight on the Saturday we were able to have 2 full days exploring so we could make the most of our time there.

Where to stay:

Our Beautiful Airbnb Apartment

Once we’d booked the flights we had to book where we were going to stay. We considered hotels however, after exploring our options we decided airbnb was our best option. The airbnb we booked was absolutely beautiful. It was so open-planned and modern, with the antique touches [THAT STAIRCASE]. The apartment was right on the Wroclaw Market Square so we had everything we could need right on our doorstep including restaurants, shops, churches and supermarkets, and even though it was busy outside, we couldn’t hear a thing with the windows shut. It was 100% worth it. We were able to save money by buying some food, it was really comfortable and felt like a home away from home.

The Market Square and the View from our Apartment

On the first day we arrived about 9am. We took a taxi from the airport and went straight the the apartment. Tip: Pre-book your taxi so you avoid being over-charged. Once we’d dropped our bags at the apartment we went to a tourist centre to grab a map. Always grab a mapWe spent some time highlighting where we wanted to go during our time there and briefly planned our days. We didn’t create a schedule as we wanted some flexibility to explore and be spontaneous but we wanted to make sure we had at least organised some things to do.

What to do there:

The View from (nearly) the top of the Church of St. Elizabeth

The Market Square
There are lines of brightly coloured, architecturally beautiful buildings. You get the option of booking a guided walking tour, or like we did, just grab a map and pick and choose where you go. Around the square are buildings such as The Church of St. Elizabeth, which we walked up, completely underestimating just how many steps there are so if you do are going to do this, please be aware it’s a narrow, winding staircase that goes up for ever. There’s also the town hall, some shops, restaurants and cafés.

We spent some time in the shopping centre Galeria Dominikańska, and wandered around the shops. We decided to eat lunch there and tried this really nice café that I wish they had in the UK. We actually spent some time in here when we got caught in a 20 minute heavy rain-shower and had no coats. To pass the time we bought some sweet pastries which were delicious.

The Town Hall

We went to the Hydropolis museum which is an educational experience about the environment and water. Some people spend 4+ hours in there, we spent a little closer to 2 hours. It’s all dependent on what pace you go and how interested you are in certain sections. It was really interesting to see the interactive displays and there’s a lovely café to finish your tour. Other museums you could visit include the Wroclaw City Museum, Wroclaw University Museum or the Military Museum.


Go ‘Dwarf Spotting’
There are over 300 dwarf statues scattered around the city, hidden in plain sight. Some people decide to go dwarf hunting and are given special maps in order to do so. However, you don’t have to do that and it can be nice just to spot them when you’re out and about.

The Cutest Bear

Wroclaw Zoo
I’d read this was one of the largest zoos in Poland and I underestimated just how big it is. Every time we got to the end of a section and we thought we’d seen everything, there’d be a whole new area to explore. We must have been there nearly the entire day, we saw so many different, beautiful animals, from bears, to elephants, to rhinos, to meerkats, to penguins, to reptiles, to donkeys; the list is endless.

Venture out of the city
Grab the tram and go anywhere. We picked a random tram and ended up at a near empty shopping mall but we did end up eating in a lovely little restaurant. Once we’d done we left to get the tram home, saw one pulling up and jumped on. We didn’t even check where the tram was going before we got on and just hoped it was one that would bring us back to the square. Be open-minded and go on spontaneous adventures.

Tea after our Massage

Treat Yourself
After all the walking that we had done for the past two days, (about 20 miles all together) we decided to treat ourselves with a massage. We walked into a local Thai massage parlour, asked if there was an availability and luckily there was. Before we knew it we were getting a deep massage that was working out our knots and aches from the travelling and walking. Afterwards they gave us a pot of tea to continue relaxing.



Have you been to Wroclaw?


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