Braces – 4 Months Update


Two weeks Before the Appointment:

Just hours after my appointment two weeks ago I found that the one tooth that had previously sat higher than the other had been pulled down already and was now level with all my other teeth. I could not believe how quickly this had happened. The rest of the two weeks has been uneventful, though I have spent a lot of time looking the mirror marvelling at my level and straight teeth.

Two days Before the Appointment:

Guess who’s just broken a bracket for the first time. That’s right, me. I’ve been so careful with what I was eating throughout this journey; avoiding all hard foods, cutting up foods so it’s small before eating it, and yet I still ended up breaking a bracket. I was actually eating some chips and unfortunately I missed a sharp corner and ended up chomping on it and detaching the bracket from my tooth. It still stayed attached to the wire and was fairly firm in its place so I luckily didn’t have to go to the dentist early. However, I was extra careful for the next couple of days to make sure I didn’t make it worse or damage anything.

4 Month Appointment:

My four month appointment arrived and I have to say, this is the best appointment I’ve had yet. I told him about the broken bracket and he checked my teeth but decided it hadn’t caused any problems and he was simply going to stick a new bracket in place. He removed my bottom bands and wire, polished off the cement where my broken bracket was and put a new one on. He then put the new wire in and new bands and told me that was it. I was so confused because he hadn’t changed the wire or bands on my upper jaw. He then turned around and said those magic words; “I think we’ve come to the end and it’s time to take them off.” I’VE FINISHED?! After only four months, I couldn’t believe it. I was told to still wear those elastics between now and the next appointment which was annoying, but I was just too excited about getting them off to care. I went into the waiting room while he checked a previous case who had a similar bite problem to myself. I immediately messaged my friends and family to say I could get them removed. He then came out and said book my next appointment for whenever and told me what he planned to do. First, he’s going to remove most of my brackets except a few while he take the impressions, then he’ll put in a fixed retainer behind my front teeth and then for two weeks I’ll have four brackets left in so I can (unofrtunately) continue using the elastics and ensure my teeth stay where they are while retainers get made and then they’ll be all be removed at that next appointment. I’m a little nervous about spending two weeks with just four random brackets, I’ve just got this idea that I’ll look very weird but I suppose if I do, it’s only two weeks and then it’s all over. I’d already crossed off my worries and booked in straight for my next appointment. I thought maybe I’d have to wait for the next appointment but the receptionist just smiled and said, “How does next week sound?” So as of next week, I will be having my braces off. I left extremely happy.

It was only after I’d left that I noticed the new bracket sat a little higher than the old one so clenching my jaw or chewing was a little difficult as I kept catching the new bracket but I only have one week to wait before it comes off again, so I don’t care.


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