Three things that are holding you back

Ever thought that you are just cruising through life but just know you’ve got more potential? Are you acting like your own worst enemy? Are there things you keep doing that are stopping you from becoming successful? I guarantee there is something you could change.


  1. Negative People – This is a common one and may seem like an obvious choice but if it’s so obvious, why do we allow these people to take over our lives? Now you may not have the guts nor want to completely cut these people from your life, but they are holding you back. Let your positivity shine and be free, if you’re surrounded by negativity, it will become you.Ever turned up to work with a smile on your face to be hit with ‘the negative’ person in the office, ‘The weather is awful’ attitude. I have a plan for you, try to reply to every comment they say with a positive attitude – ‘oh it’s not so bad, at least we work inside!’
  2. Procrastination – “the action of delaying or postponing something” the definition of procrastination. We do this because of laziness or lack of motivation and this stops us from getting the task at hand done. Ever said to yourself, ‘Diet starts on Monday’ or ‘That’s not due in till next week’ Yep, me too. In reality, this is just putting off what we don’t want to accomplish and we wait for a ‘better time’. Why wait, why delay and why postpone?? Get your ass in gear and cease the day! You’re not helping yourself!
  3. FEAR – this is a big one. It may be that we simply put off tasks or shy away from things because we’re too scared to complete them. We might be scared to fail, so we don’t attempt and that way we save ourselves from getting hurt. Ultimately, you don’t know what you don’t know and you’ll never know unless you try. Fear is healthy, and when we know why we’re scared we can manage it and overcome it. Don’t let the fear of anything hold you back.


Everyone has goals and dreams. The only way you’re going to achieve them is by putting the effort in and making it happen. These are some of the things that I have done/reflected on that have really helped me turn my life and mindset around.

Good vibes only.



2 thoughts on “Three things that are holding you back

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  1. You are right! Procrastination and fear are my two biggest enemies. I started blogging in part to conquer those two things. Thank you for this wonderfully written article!


    1. Thank you so much for reading. Starting the blog has definitely helped my fear, but I’m still battling with procrastination – sometimes I’m only motivated when faced with a deadline! – J ✨


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