Braces – 3 and ½ months update

Last time my dentist was so happy with the speed of my movement that he has now asked I come in every 2 weeks.

So 2 weeks after my last appointment I went back to the dentist and was pretty sure nothing had changed. I did however have a very interesting appointment. He checked my braces like normal, removed the quick ties and the small bands and removed the wire. He then told me that he was going to replace two brackets. In this moment a thousand things ran through my head. Had I lost some brackets and not even noticed? Has something gone wrong? Will this hurt? I didn’t even get a chance to pause before he’d removed the first bracket and I’ll tell you something, it didn’t hurt one bit, it wasn’t even uncomfortable, it just happened. I’d had people tell me that when you get your braces removed (and therefore your brackets) that it felt like they were pulling your teeth out, so I’m glad I got to experience this before I got my braces off as it’s now settled my mind. The only slightly uncomfortable bit was when he was polishing off the excess cement/glue, and that was more to do with the sound and sensation; it definitely wasn’t painful.

He then went through the whole procedure that he did at the beginning of this process; he prepped the teeth, put the glue/cement on, put the bracket on, used that little neon light and before I knew it I had two new brackets. The point of this was to help pull down one of the teeth on my bottom jaw as previously one sat a little higher than the others and it had not gone down yet. He then put the wire back in, used just the bands this time, no metal quick ties, which means extra watching everything that I eat, and then it was done. I immediately felt the pressure on that tooth so I knew the repositioning was working. I checked I could eat without knocking it as it was now higher, and if I tried I could touch it with my upper tooth but it wasn’t trouble eating or talking. I’m still in those elastics in an upside down V, I think I’ll have them until the end unfortunately, but they are more comfortable now as I’m used to them.

I spoke to the dentist afterwards and finally asked the question; will I need my braces for the full 9 months like he’d previously predicted? His answer: No, definitely not. In fact, he went as far to say we are probably pretty close to the finish line already, not even 4 months in yet. I am unbelievably happy at this point, I’m hoping I can get it off before my birthday in May, and I can already tell what my smile will look like when they’re off. I can’t wait.

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