Braces – Three Month Update


Before the Appointment:

It has now been three months since I got my braces put on and I have noticed such a huge difference. Before my appointment I decided to do a photo comparison with some before photos I had taken and I could not believe the difference. Everything has moved significantly, I’ve got a near perfect arch on both my upper jaw and my lower jaw, my bite seems fixed, and as far as I can tell I need a slight alteration of maybe 3 teeth and then I would think I am done. Originally my dentist said he reckoned I’d have my braces on for 9 months but after only 3 months my teeth have changed so much I honestly think I might not need all that time (fingers crossed).

After the Appointment:

This appointment went really well. He still had to file a few teeth on my bottom jaw but other than that it was just changing the wire. Afterwards we had a chat about my progress and he is really happy with how much has moved. He’s suggested that only 2 teeth now need minor movement. He had been taking photos of my teeth at each appointment and this appointment he showed me the before photos from all angles and it is amazing the difference. I could see different perspectives compared to the ones I’d taken on my phone and it just confirmed the huge change.

Afterwards we discussed elastic bands and I’m now down from 3 bands to two bands as my cross-bite is officially fixed. He also asked I come back in 2 weeks’ time instead of 4 weeks as they are moving so quick and even implied I could be getting my braces off earlier. Now, he didn’t say those exact words so I’m going to try not to get too excited but I definitely won’t be having them on for 6 more months.

Between now and the next appointment I’m going to carry on religiously wearing my elastic bands and I’m going to start researching retainers. I want to prepare and think about what I want from my retainer. I have the option for a permanent retainer plus a removable one but I am aware there are different styles so I definitely want to be thinking about that. I’m also going to look into teeth whitening for after I get them off. I’ve always been a big tea drinker  and used to drink other caffeinated drinks so I would definitely like to have a bit of a brighter smile to go with my straight teeth.

It’s surreal to be thinking about the end of this journey at only 3 months in, I’m getting so excited.

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