Braces – Two Months Update


My two month appointment was very similar to my one month appointment. I wasn’t nervous for this appointment as much as the last one though as I knew what to expect this time. There had been some more movement in this past month but not loads; my bottom teeth are still much straighter and my top teeth have finally started to move. The main movement I have noticed are my upper molars that have been moving into the correct position fixing my crossbite so for a while, when I eat, it feels unfamiliar as my mouth is still trying to figure out how to work with the new positioning. I have a bit of a gap in my bite when I clamp down which will gradually be fixed by continuing with the bands so overall I’m happy with the progress

The Appointment:
He followed the same procedure as last time, removing my small bands and the wire and checking my teeth. He then filed a couple of my teeth but not as many as last time and it wasn’t as painful as last time either, and then changed the wire.

The main difference at this appointment was that I was given a change of elastic bands. I was to put them in the same position, use the same amount, however the size is significantly smaller. When he first put them in I couldn’t open my mouth at all. There was a lot of pressure on my jaw and my teeth but it was painful just a little uncomfortable. The first day they were snapping quite a lot, even at night, so I was worried that they were too small or that I was going to be dealing with this all the time but by the next day they were lasting until the next meal instead of breaking after 30 minutes.

UPDATE: I wanted to point out that it only took about a week to get used to the smaller bands and now I feel like my jaw must have built some serious muscle because I don’t struggle opening my mouth anymore. There’s still some pressure when you change the bands and they still snap a fair amount but I have extra bands so it’s okay.

With these new bands, I can’t wait to see the changes to come in the next month.


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