Braces – One Month Update



I got my wires changed for the first time today. I can’t believe it’s been one month since I got them put on. It took me about a week to get used to the braces, the first few days were uncomfortable but not painful. I felt like I had to re-learn how to eat because of having a mouth full of metal. I just had to get creative and find soft foods, or blend foods to make a soup. I did get some pain after a few days from sensitivity but after going to the dentist and them readjusting the wire I never felt that pain again. The band definitely took some getting used to, it always takes me a few tries to get them on right but I am getting quicker. My speech has slowly improved and I only hear a lisp every so often.

First Wire Change:

I was really nervous before my appointment today, I’d read some stories about how it’s painful while some said it was just uncomfortable. My teeth had all loosened by this point so I was worried about any kind of pressure moving them.

I laid down and he removed all the little elastic bands from around the brackets, which was uncomfortable and felt like he was pulling on my teeth but not painful. I was so happy when I saw he was changing those bands as I’d made the mistake of eating carrot soup and stained them. When I looked to the side they looked neon yellow thanks to that carrot soup. He then removed the wire, which was a little uncomfortable but not too bad. I definitely felt some relief when the wire was off, as though my teeth were no longer in jail.

The next thing he did was file between my teeth. Now, I don’t think this is something everyone will get done as it was mainly to loosen to my teeth just a little more to encourage some more movement. This was painful. He was flossing my teeth but with some thin metal wire, deliberately pushing my teeth side to side to make them move. It was definitely painful on certain teeth, but it didn’t last too long and my teeth weren’t sore afterwards.

He then put the new wire back on and the new bands and, again, this was not painful and was actually less uncomfortable having gone through the filing on my teeth. When I looked in the mirror afterwards I was back to my clear braces, no staining and happy with the progress. He took more photos to keep my progress documented, told me I had to carry on with the bands in the same place and then sent me on my way. The appointment lasted about 20-25 minutes which actually went by quickly.


There has definitely been some movement. My bottom teeth have definitely straightened out slightly and my open-bite has definitely closed loads. I just need my upper teeth to actually start moving.

Avant_Morisse_Kirkham 017.jpg

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