Braces – Stage 2

Getting them Fitted:

I was unbelievably nervous beforehand. I only began to calm down when I was actually in the chair. The first part wasn’t too bad, the brackets were added easily enough and no pain, just slightly uncomfortable. The most painful part was when my dentist was scraping and flossing left over plastic and glue from between my teeth but that only lasted a minute. He then added the wire which immediately felt like my teeth were being pulled and then put in my elastic bands for me that are there to fix my bite. I am one of the lucky people who gets bands and braces in the same day.


My first look in the mirror was pure shock. My first thoughts were; ‘What have I done?’, ‘They stand out so much and I can’t close my mouth’ and ‘Oh my God, take them off.’ It took a couple of minutes for the shock to wear off. A small tip I would say is when you get the braces and see yourself for the first time, the shock does hinder your hearing, so don’t be afraid to ask the dentist to repeat himself on do’s and don’ts and care of the braces. When he was done I pretty much ran out of the room, straight into the bathroom and stood staring at myself in the mirror. I was slightly freaked out and couldn’t believe that I had actually done it. I managed to calm down and took a closer look again. I saw big white brackets on my teeth that my lips had trouble fitting over and very, very obvious elastic bands that were V shaped over my incisors. For some reason, I decided I needed to take a photo to see just how noticeable it was. To my surprise, they looked hardly noticeable when I smiled and definitely non-existent in the photo. I tested this out later on when I saw my brother. I hadn’t told him I was getting braces so I walked into his room and just smiled deliberately not saying a word, seeing as I currently had a bad lisp. He just stared at me like a I was weird saying ‘I don’t get it, is something supposed to be different’, so I carried on smiling walking close, still no clue, eventually I had to walk right up to him for him to notice. That definitely made me feel significantly better. One of the reasons I chose these braces was because I didn’t want them to be overly noticeable when I smiled as I would have them on for my graduation.

First Meal:

Well, it didn’t go well. I haven’t quite figured out chewing with all this extra metal in my mouth. I tried pasta and mushy veg but my teeth were too sensitive and I just couldn’t chew it so I settled for chicken soup. I did have a slight panic that I’d never eat normal again but realistically I know I will eventually. I spoke to a friend who had braces a few years ago and she managed to reassure me that the soreness and struggle to eat will subside in about 3-7 days. On the up side, I did get to have some ice cream for dessert which was lovely and definitely comforting.

It was a stressful day but I have high hopes and will keep you updated.


Braces 2

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