Top Tips For Booking Holidays

Welcome to my top tips for booking holidays! These are the rules I always follow for booking my trips away to get the best deals….
  1. Skyscanner is the answer to all of your problems. Not sure where to go? Enter where you’d like to fly from, if you’re open to a few airports you can enter “United Kingdom” and if you’re still not sure where to go, you can search for flights to “Everywhere”. This is for sure to give you some inspiration for new places to go or to show you the best deals!
  2. Mess around with your dates, simply flying out on a weekday can save you hundreds of pounds on flights or even flying from London can cut the costs
  3. Ensure the destination you’re flying to is safe, by using the government website to check travel updates

  4. I swear by for hotels, if I’m not booking a package holiday I will always use for my trips. The beauty of is because I’ve booked so many nights with them I am now a genius member and therefore get better deals on standard rooms.
  5. I always book the free cancellation rooms and keep my eyes out for last minute deals or to see if the price has fluctuated.
  6. I don’t just rely on’s reviews for hotels, I use Trip Advisor and I check out the hotel’s independent website too. Do not underestimate the power of Trip Advisor!
  7. Can’t find a hotel you like? Try AirBNB – this is becoming more and more popular now and you can often find quirky places to stay in convenient locations for much less than hotels – do your research though and check reviews.
  8. Want to book excursions for your trip? Book ahead of your holiday, you’ll often find website discounts in advance so if you know there’s something you’re itching to do, book it in advance.
  9. CHECK THE WEATHER! The worst thing you can do is find an amazing deal to your bucket list destination and then find out it’s only cheaper because it’s rain season! You can find average weather online.
  10. Taxi too expensive to the airport? Drive and park instead. Shop around for parking at the airport, you’ll often find the onsite airport parking is cheapest in advance and especially for those that include a 10-15 minute bus to the terminal.
  11. STOP checking for the same holiday, on the same computer, all of the time!! Prices do go up by the minute. The more the holidays are searched for the more they go up!
  12. I always book using a credit card – yes this can occur fees but I am much more protected in doing so. For all of my holidays I use a Halifax Clarity Credit Card, I use this whilst I’m on holiday too as this costs no extra to do so and allows me to get the best rate for my money.

These are some of the tricks and useful things to know when I’m booking my holidays, and so far they’ve all worked out great! Let me know in the comments how you book your holidays!


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